Blacklist screening (ASM30)


Chapter Topic Detail
1 Lists Explanation of all U.S. Government agency lists
2 Screening Parties End-users, contractors, freight forwarders and others
3 Screening Options Building a time map
4 Logic Spelling and soundex variations, language and phonetic differences, typographical errors
5 False Positives Flexible searches, wide, narrow, exact name
6 Managing search results Methods of approval, over-riding, refusals, controlling errors
7 Importance of EPCI Addressing concerns due to dual-use
8 Additional restrictions Prohibited and Embargoed countries
9 Special red flags Intelligence that provides alertness for diversion risk
10 Legal compliance Record retention
11 Data centralization Audit control


Ensures timely screening of export transactions

Retains historical screening result

Course Number ASM10  
Audience Size Cost
1 to 5 $1,500.00
6 to 10 $1,800.00
11 to 20 $2,400.00
The Instructor shall provide course materials and resource guides.

Training is conducted on customer’s site. Cost of air travel, accommodation and local transportation is not included in above costs.

A customized software solution should always be preferred over a boxed,pre-packaged solution. Issues such as EPCI and false positives can only be handled by boxed software only up to a point. Your very own screening system will address your sales order management processes to a T. It can have built-in regulatory compliance and can be staged as your industry bench-mark.

Write to us if you need help in building it. We translate your company’s business rules for implementation by your IS/IT.