Export regulations 15CFR (ASM20)

For sales, shipping, export practitioners and company empowered officials to explore export compliance mechanisms in their international trading activities.

PART I – Training

Chapter Topic Detail
1 U.S. Government Export Controls The legal basis
2 Guide to the Department of Commerce’s Regulations Important EAR terms and principles
3 Violations and Penalties Criminal and Civil, willful and knowing – Fines, suspension, reprimands
4 The Ten General Prohibitions Applicability determination
5 Anti-Boycott Restrictive Trade Practices
6 Enhanced Proliferation Control Concerns (EPCI) Dual use products and technology
7 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Bribery and Gratuity payments, Exceptions, Caution
8 Deemed Exports Foreigners and Overseas Travel, export of data and technology
9 Product Classification ECCN structure, reasons for control
10 Screening Process Denied Parties and Black Lists
11 Sanctions and embargoes Country and product overview
12 Licenses and other approvals Application, exceptions, tracking
13 Export Clearance and Record Keeping Export Documentation
14 Government agencies to export transactions Licensing authority, customs authority

PART II – Clinic

Chapter Requirement Customization
1 Substantiating the Order Process and compiling a regulatory checklist for export orders Order process map and system flow
2 Centralizing the export information repository Transaction generation and retention of information
3 Keeping up with changes in Regulations Information push
4 Overview and profile of international affiliates, subsidiaries and distributors Work orders, communication to stakeholders
5 Customized Forms and Letters Ultimate consignee, red flags
6 Management Export Control Policy, Organization and Operation Freight forwarder alert, foreigner screening, customer diligence
7 Operating Safeguards and Proactive stance Compliance training, information dissemination, product validations


Provides an analysis and interpretation of the Export, Treasury and International Trade regulations as it applies to your company.

Addresses Export Screening, Documentation, and Record Keeping processes for full compliance.

Assists in the evaluation of software solutions for export management decisions as required.

Course Number ASM20
Audience Size Cost
1 to 5 $3,375.00
6 to 10 $4,000.00
11 to 20 $5,500.00
The Instructor shall provide course materials and resource guides.
Training is conducted on customer’s site. Cost of air travel, accommodation and local transportation is not included in above costs.