Letters of Credit Training (ASM60)

Chapter Topic Detail
1.   Guide to UCP600 Regulations The legal basis
2.   Types of Documentary Credits Important terms and principles
3.   Role of Banks Process from Advising Bank to Reimbursing Bank
4.   Incoterms Applicability determination
5.   Proforma Invoice Critical items
6.   Letter of Credit Instructions Avoidance of contradictory clauses
7.   Purchase Order Clarity, Exceptions, Caution
8.   Letter of Credit Receipt and Screening Alerts and red flags
9.   Amendments Early signs, bank interaction
10.   Export Documentation Invoice, B/L or AWB, P/L, C.O., Draft, Insurance and other certificates
11.   Negotiation Cover Letter, final check
12.   Reimbursement Kinds of; Connected to P.O. and L/C instructions, Collection
13.   Discrepancies Avoiding, Handling, Tracking
14.   Export Clearance and Record Keeping SED, AES, Audit check
15.   Government agencies to export transactions Licensing authority, customs authority


Provides an analysis and interpretation of international Letters of Credit, adherence to their terms and conditions, document negotiation and up until final reimbursement.

Addresses Screening, Documentation, and Record Keeping processes for full compliance.

Assists in the evaluation of Letter of Credit management solutions for export administration decisions as required.

Focus is placed on business units dealing with contracts, customer service, material planning, shipping and order entry.

For Bankers: A module of this training program is for banking institutions that provides a more customized guide to ICC Regulations, covers all 49 articles of the UCP500 in detail as well as UCP600 and discusses the functions and benefits of SWIFT.

Course Number ASM60  
Audience Size Cost
1 to 5 $2,500.00
6 to 10 $2,950.00
11 to 20 $3,750.00
The Instructor shall provide course materials and resource guides.  
Training is conducted on customer’s site. Cost of air travel, accommodation and local transportation is not included in above costs.

Want to build your own Letter of Credit negotiating and tracking system? This tool will construct a customized system that tracks all LOC’s across the board and creates the required export documents.