Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

A cooperation with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to establish acceptable security practices in import operations.


Chapter Topic Detail
1 Corporate visibility Creation of your Security Profile
2 Action items Implementation of the security measures outlined in your Security Profile
3 Service Providers Roles and responsibilities
4 Validation Ensuring supply chain security measures
5 Regulatory compliance Analysis and interpretation of the validation process ensuring that you, as a C-TPAT participant are compliant with regulations
6 Legal compliance Keeping up with changes in Regulations
7 Procedural Security Placing safeguards in import management
8 Documentation Processing Centralizing the import information repository
9 Presentation Harmonizing import documentation and record keeping
10 Personnel Security Internal screening process and background check in accordance with federal law
11 Education and Training Awareness Training in documentation fraud
12 Benefits Audit pool, Exams


Provides an analysis and interpretation of the voluntary participation initiative being pushed by U.S. Customs towards the industry

Presents clear guidelines on the registration process

Enhances security in the supply chain

Course Number ASM300
Audience Size Cost
1 to 5 $2,500.00
6 to 10 $3,500.00
11 to 20 $4,500.00
The Instructor shall provide course materials and resource guides.
Training is conducted on customer’s site. Cost of air travel, accommodation and local transportation is not included in above costs.